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Colour Separations For The Silk Screen

We offer 1 colour to full 14 colours simulated process separation.

Leading the way with the latest Technology and innovative techniques

for Simulated Process Colour Separations. Flying Colours is the UK’s leading colour separation studio.

At our studio in Hertfordshire, we have a fully equipped in-house art room fully equipped with the very latest and updated Apple equipment, using Adobe software to handle the most challenging of artworks.

Since starting out in 1993, we have grown to be the favoured choice for colour separations within the silk screen, music merchandise and fashion industry globally.
Our client base is world wide and stretches from the UK to Europe and as far as Australia and the USA. 

An individual service

Every job is unique, and is given individual attention. We offer advice and technical support throughout the production process to make sure the finished printed product is a success.
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What makes us different?

Unlike most prepress companies 100% of our business is making colour separations for screen printing. This enables us to concentrate on this specialist area – giving you an extremely high quality service. Our team of highly skilled colour separation technicians understands the print process in all its variants. We have the insight and experience, along with the latest computer technology to address any job.
  • For over 20 years we’ve produced more than 100,000 sets of colour separations

  • We work with clients all over Europe, including Germany, France, Holland, Italy and Scandinavia

  • We have all the tools and personnel needed to be your dedicated prepress provider

  • Each set of separations we produce is custom tailored to the demanding needs of screen printing

  • Our staff pride themselves on being responsive and thorough, so every job we work on receives the utmost attention to detail

  • Dark shirt separation (Simulated process) is our speciality

  • We constantly update our knowledge of printing trends and techniques

  • We regularly review new graphics and separation software and performing trials to stay current in the industry

Our Services

Halftones, duotones, tritones, and quadtones

Simulated Process Separations for printing on multicolour garments

4 colour process separations

Simulated Process Separations for printing on multicolour garments

Halftones, duotones, tritones, and quadtones

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